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    Contact Us June, 2009 ''There is another sky, Ever serene and fair, And there is another sunshine, Though it be darkness there.'-Emily Dickinson'

Films, Art, Literature, etc.

May 28. 'What's Playing this Week?'. New Movie releases- in the US, Canada, and France. And why they distribute movies differently. More...
May 25. 'Chateaubriand, Washington and the Keys to the Bastille'. George Washington was impressed by the French Revolution. François-René de Chateaubriand begged to differ. More...
July 12. 'Rebel Rebel: Notes on Amy Winehouse'. She's a celebrity. She's a great artist. And now she's contractually obligated to die for both audiences. more ,


May 21. 'You're Safer Than You Think'. Never mind the terrorists. The world is much safer and more peaceful than it's been in decades. More...
May 26. 'Intellectual Entropy Wins Again!'. Could the Republican Party be falling prey to the sort of entropy that affects all political platforms and works of art? more»
Sept. 30. 'Dawahares: What went wrong?' A Tennesee clothing chain founded by a Syrian immigrant is closing. Patrick looks back at a different world. more» Part 2»
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Life/ Exploring the World

July 16. 'Kebab, War, and a Coke'. Rufus encounters a Tunisian restaurateur who is either: angrily anti-American, very deeply weird, or just messing with him. Part 1, » Part 2»
July 9. 'I love the French, but they're insane.' Rufus explores two aspects of French life: bureaucratic ritualism and the exasperated sigh. More.
June 30. 'Graz Update: June 30' Superfluous mystery keys, cat shaving, and a lot of meat. It's another report from Holly & Greg in Graz, Austria. More»
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The Lives of Others
Holly Reviews RIZE
The Eye of Vichy
The Genocide Factor
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